CSSH Committee Meeting 12th of January – Minutes

Present at the meeting were Richard Wing, Alan Sanders, Phil Norsworthy, Steve Lawrence, David Goldsmith, Gareth Howells and Will Hornby.

There were no apologies for absence.

The meeting started at 2010 in the Crabshell Inn – Kingsbridge.

1. Membership – There was a discussion about the fall in membership and a number of last years members who were yet to renew their membership. Currently the total number of members is 28 a large reduction from the 86 members at the end of 2014. All members to continue to encourage keen local cyclists to join explaining the benefits to non club members about joining a club. Richard Wing to write an article about the club and the benefits of joining for cyclists, depending on discussions with the Kingsbridge Gazette the club may also pay for an advert to attract new members.

2. Accounts – Phil Norsworthy reported there had been a payment made to Torbay Council for the 2 Thursday Evening races organised last year on the Torbay Velopark. The first batch of membership renewals by club members have now been credited to the clubs account via British Cycling’s Club Membership service. Richard Wing will take the forms to the bank which will allow himself as Chairman, Will Hornby as Secretary and most importantly Phil Norsworthy to be signatures.

3. Modbury Spring Road Races 15th of March – Will Hornby reported that both the Regional B event for 3rd and 4th Cat men and the Women’s race for all categories (except for any Youths) are registered with British Cycling and ready to take entries through the British Cycling Website. Already there have been 28 entrants to the Men's race with no promotion apart from the races presence on the BC website. So far there are no entries for the women’s race but with the closing date being a long way off this is of no great concern. Gareth Howells thinks he knows a lot of women who would be keen to race and will do some promotion via his “popular” twitter account.Will Hornby to get some more details about buying another couple of sets of race numbers for the event which will also be required at the Totnes Vire Support Races as well as being useful at other future events.For the race to take place we will need a number of volunteers to help out at the race. At the meeting Will listed the jobs most of which have yet to be filled but with the names of volunteers given on the night. Will Hornby to email all members and post on the website and social media explaining what is required and as David Goldsmith suggested letting everyone know what a good event this is for the club to be involved with.

4. Totnes Vire Support Races 28th of March – These events are also live and have already seen a half a dozen entrants, there will be races for all Youth categories, Women and 3rd/4th cat men. This event will require slightly fewer volunteers from the club compared to the road races in Modbury but with races for more categories and most notably the youth events it will need more helpers than last years Thursday evening series events. Gareth Howells volunteered to take over from Will Hornby as organiser who will be organising the road race only a couple of weeks before this, a request has already been sent to British Cycling to change the event organiser.

5. Club Time Trials – It was agreed by all at the meeting there was certainly enough interest to organise another mid week series of time trials on the 8 mile Torcross course. Shortly a there will be a post by Will Hornby on the club website and social media asking for volunteers to put there names forward to help out. It was agreed that this year there will be no day membership of the club to allow people to ride the club time trials.

6. Club Rides – Alan Sanders will be organising Sunday club runs aimed at those who are perhaps less fit than the 9 am Sunday regulars. These club runs are to start in February and will run once a fortnight. The slower group will meet on the Quay at 9 am with the quicker group who it is hoped will still be riding regularly (at least until the road races and time trials start). Alan passed some more information about these rides and the thinking behind them to Richard Wing (maybe I should have got a copy for the minutes). Expect to read much more about these rides soon Alan Sanders will be sending Will Hornby the information to go on the club website shortly (once Debby has checked his spelling and grammar).

7. Cycle Sport South Hams Time Trial Competition – Steve Lawrence is very keen to see more CSSH riders compete this year in open time trials especially given the talent he see within the club. In part to encourage more members to enter an open time trial and also because it will be good thing to have a time trial award at the club dinner Steve has devised a competition. The competition will require participants to compete in not only the club time trials but also at least one open 10 mile and one open 25 mile time trial. Steve Lawrence will shortly email all the information to Will Hornby for the Club website. Steve also suggested that there should be an annual award for road racing there was a suggestion that this could be awarded to the rider who accumulates the most BC licence points in a season, something the committee should confirm at the next club meeting.

8. Go-Ride Conferences in Taunton on the 21st of February – David Goldsmith has agreed to go a long with Will Hornby to the conference. Will has booked himself in but not David yet as he needs to join British Cycling first. There was a brief discussion about Go-Ride activities the Torbay Velopark low attendance high cost etc. but no real decisions made. It was agreed by all that the club should be involved in the go-ride program and offering coaching activities to members.

9. 2015 Thursday Evening Race Series – Gareth Howells to attend the meeting at Clennon Valley leisure centre on the 22nd of January with Will Hornby other local clubs and the South West Regional Events Officer Andrew Parker.

10. Any Other Business

Alan Sanders suggested we should spend more time on group rides perfecting through and off technique.

Will Hornby has been in touch with Kalas the supplier for CSSH cycling kit and the webshop will soon be up and running again and taking pay pal payments directly from members which will be much more convenient. When its all up and running Will Hornby to email details to all members.

There was a discussion about the Timmy Jackson Birthday the day before over a 60 mile route to Princetown. It was well attended by cyclists from the local area. It was agreed that more of these guys should be joining CSSH and participating in other CSSH rides.

Richard Wing has already booked a spot for the club at the Kingsbridge Show in September. The plan is to use the show to promote the club and we will also be running a competition for show goers using a wattbike (static cycling machine). Richard Wing will organise this with the assistance of other club members.

11. Date of Next Meeting – We failed on this although it was on the agenda it was overlooked. Once confirmed by the committee it will be advertised to all members.


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