CSSH Club Meeting on the 7th of November- minutes

Apologies received from Gareth Howells and Phil Norsworthy 

Present – Bobby Coswill, Nick Cox, Richard Gomm, Richard Wing

The meeting started at 7:35 pm in the Seven Stars Kingsbridge 
1. Minutes ok but not the California inn again 
2. Membership – no new members but an early renewal for 2017 by Jeremy Churcher and Tom Evans is also paid up for 2017. We have 51 club members.
3. The Gara Bridge hill climb was well organised by Timmy Jackson but for future events he just needs to make sure he complies with CTT regulations with regards to only excepting entries from members of CTT affiliated clubs.
4. Richard Wing suggests 4 hours is a bit long for the Sunday club runs for himself and others who are perhaps put off from attending. At the same time there are others who wish to ride on a Sunday and would be disappointed not to ride for 3 or 4 hours. So the plan is that Richard Wing will advertise to other club members and potential cyclists who may wish to join us that he will be riding with the group leaving at 8 am from the Quay and peeling off early should any other riders wish to get back to Kingsbridge sooner. Ultimately all ride times will be determined by those who regularly attend. It would be really good if members who are going on a group ride for whatever reason at different times to the pre agreed CSSH rides could advertise to see who else would like to come. It has be noticed on Strava that there are a number of club members who regularly ride either by themselves or with other cyclists at different times. It was agreed at the meeting that it would be good if these riders either joined CSSH club rides or perhaps advertised in some way that they were going so others could join them.
5. Richard Wing has booked the Maha-Bharat restaurant for the club dinner and the AGM on Friday the 2nd of December at 7pm. Full details will be emailed to members shortly by Richard Wing.
6. The was a quick discussion about club clothing regarding what we have left in stock and whether members needed any other items of kit to be ordered (which it appears we don't).
7. We ran through the proposals made at the beginning of the year for a CSSH race team. It was agreed by all at the meeting that this was a good initiative and there was a wish that those who had complied with requirements of CSSH team membership in 2016 be rewarded.
8. Will Hornby to email the committee and ask whether they intend to serve for 2017 if elected and ask for brief details of their roles so I can post on the club website ahead of the AGM.
9. Only Will Hornby expressed an interest in representing the club at the British Cycling South West Delegates Instruction Meeting despite the club being eligible to send up to 3 representatives. 
10. As it is difficult for most to commit to a whole weekend away Bobby Coswill suggested we take the train somewhere like Barnstaple and ride back. This was agreed by all as a good idea. We'll look into it and ask for others from the club to comment.
11. AOB Richard Wing to share on social details of bobble hats in club colours

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