CSSH Club Meeting on the 16th of January – minutes

Apologies – Bobby Coswill 

Present – Richard Wing, Richard Gomm, Tom Graham, Timmy Jackson, Will Hornby

The meeting started at 7:40 pm at the Seven Stars in Kingsbridge 

  1. CSSH Club Meeting on the 7th of November- minutes were accepted as a good record of the previous meeting 
  2. Membership now stands at 21 with no new members and a large number number of the 55 members in 2016 not renewing their membership. It is hoped that more of those 2016 members who have not yet renewed their membership will do so shortly. Richard Wing to write something for Will Hornby to email to those that have not yet renewed their membership.
  3. Modbury Spring Road Races. Will Hornby explained how preparations for this years event are going. After initially contemplating using a different circuit between Dartmouth and Kingsbridge this was changed back to the Modbury circuit which already has a British Cycling Risk Assessment allowing the event to be registered and it is now live on the British Cycling website. The event will require the same number of volunteers as in 2016 so Will Hornby will shortly contact club members to ask if they can help out.
  4. Torbay Velopark Evening Series – there was a brief discussion about the 3 CSSH events of the 7 race series. We did not decide much about who would organise the 3 CSSH events.
  5. 2017 Freewheeling Championships location change. There was a discussion about whether a hill near Hutcherleigh or whether going from Stokenham towards Torcross on the A379 would be the best hill to choose. 
  6. The Next CSSH Club Meeting will be on Monday the 13th of February at 7:30 pm at the Seven Stars in Kingsbridge 


CSSH Club Clothing and Logo

Timmy Jackson was especially keen that a revised club clothing design would be popular and encourage more members to buy and wear CSSH club kit when cycling. Richard Wing felt that he could have a go at redesigning the CSSH club logo and making changes to the club kit design.

Club Rides 

We (everyone except Richard Gomm who had to go to Morrisons before it closed) had a discussion about club rides and how they could be used to attract more members to join the club and participate in club rides. I didn't really understand what I should write down to explain this but I will email Tom Graham, Richard Wing and Timmy Jackson so I (Will Hornby) can post details on the CSSH club website and share on social media how amazing this will be.

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