CSSH Club Meeting On Monday the 24th of April – Minutes

The meeting started at 7:35 pm in the Seven Stars – Kingsbridge

Present were Bobby Coswill, Richard Gomm and Will Hornby.


  1. CSSH Club Meeting 13th of February 2017 – Minutes – accepted as a good record of the meeting

  2. CSSH Club TT's – the 2017 program of events was discussed and Rich Gomm volunteered to time keep at one of the events. Will Hornby to liaise with Andy Partridge to make make sure we have all the equipment required for the first event later this week.

  3. SWLAW Velopark Series – Bobby Coswill has all his volunteers in place for the event on the 4th of May. Will Hornby to bring to the velopark the extra club equipment required like race numbers, flags and marshals jackets.
  4. Modbury Spring Road Races review – The event gained favourable comments from those who participated as competitors and officials. Bobby Coswill suggested that if we were to continue to promote a road race then we might consider the extra prestige of organising the SW Regional championships. With only 3 of us there at the meeting it is difficult to gauge the opinion of all club members and whether they are willing to help out at a 2018 CSSH road race(s). I'm not sure whether the closest road race courses at Modbury and Blackawton would be suitable for a Regional Championships but clubs wishing to tender for the promotion of the 2018 SW Regional Road Championships need to confirm by the 30th of April.
  5. AOB


Membership of CSSH currently stands at 31

CSSH Club Clothing 

CSSH cycling club clothing will shortly be available to buy through the Kalas webshop which is being set up very soon with a £25 discount available for CSSH club members.

Club Rides

Will Hornby is keen that we should use the CSSH Strava Group to advertise when our club rides take place which is accessible to everyone whether they are club members or not and is now a lot more user friendly with recent improvements to the Strava mobile app.

Bobby Coswill suggested for club rides to happen at regular weekly intervals it requires someone from the club to support them. Will Hornby agrees this and although he himself is likely to support a lot of club rides he won't be at them all and believes the good thing with rides on Strava is that cyclists wishing to attend can indicate they are coming and see who else is intending to come.

Bobby also suggested that weekend club rides kept to a regular route from Kingsbridge to California Cross which would make things easier for those wishing to attend who live further away from Kingsbridge.

During the chat about club rides when comparisons to our own weekend rides and the seemingly much more successful Tavistock Wheelers who have 4 Sunday ride groups Bobby was surprised to hear there was another Kingsbridge Cycling Club (not affiliated to British Cycling) as well as the Hammer Sports from Salcombe who are affiliated to British Cycling but predominantly interested in Sportives.

Will Hornby yesterday (24/04/17) not for the first time has had a prospective club member/cyclist contact him after attempting to join a CSSH club ride where no one else turned up. I think this could be another recommendation for making use of the Strava group rides feature and persuading cyclists who intend joining to let others cyclists know.

Trip to Wales 

Richard Butler (not at the meeting but discussed on last Sunday's club ride) is keen to organise a summer weekend ride through Wales over the roads he's familiar with. More details from Richard to follow soon.

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