Club Meeting 21st of August – Minutes

The meeting started at 7:40 pm in the Seven Stars – Kingsbridge

Present were Bobby Coswill, Steve Lawrence, Tim Jackson, Margi Hawkins, Andy Partridge, Dave Stembridge, Tony Rayworth and Will Hornby.


1. CSSH Club Meeting On Monday the 24th of April – Minutes

These were accepted as a good record by Bobby Coswill who was at the last meeting.

2. Club Committee do we need more Committee members?

We have 3 committee members members :- Richard Wing – Chair, Bobby Cowsill – Treasurer, Will Hornby – Secretary. It was agreed we were fine with just 3 at least until the AGM when other members may step forward to represent different disciplines of cycling, genders or ages perhaps.

3. Club Membership and new members details – Will Hornby

Since the last club meeting on the 24th of April new members are as follows:

Richard Gomm
Jon Ward
Danille Franklin
John MacKellar
Carl Winchman

There was a brief discussion about whether we could accept youth riders on club rides and if we need a DBS checked member present who would be responsible. Will Hornby to investigate

4. CSSH Club Time Trials and 2017 points competition – Will Hornby

There was a discussion about why there were less riders at this years club TT’s. It was suggested that Will Hornby makes the last 2 evening TT’s Facebook events. There were various other suggestions about advertising and contacting other local clubs (unfortunately I did not make a note of all the suggestions but perhaps CSSH members who were at the meeting or anyone can try encourage a few more people to come).

With the club TT points competion I (Will Hornby) intended to raise this at an earlier meeting as a way to try encourage more people to have a go. I (W.H) think having a small trophy awarded annually for the winner of the series would be quite a good idea so I will look into this and discuss with the committee W.H

5. SWLaw Velopark Races – Bobby Cowsill & Will Hornby

We had a brief discussion about this with Bobby Cowsill reporting that there had been some benefit for SWLaw in sponsoring the series which is great. Bobby as club treasuer in conjuction with Mid Devon CC who jointly promoted the series has successfully contacted all the prize winners.

6. Should we organise a road race in 2018?

The answer to this was yes from those present at the meeting. Will Hornby happy to be the organiser with the support from CSSH members. There was a breif discussion about whether to organise 2 races on the same course at the same time in the same way as this years event at Modbury. Will Hornby not too sure whether 2 consectutive races on the same course is such a good idea after recent discussions at SW Road Race Work Group Meetings. There was also a discussion as to whether we should should organise another Women’s race which as a stand alone event this year lost money. Will Hornby is quite keen to organise an event on the Dartmouth course which could take 80 riders wheras Dave Stembridge and Bobby Cowsill were keener on sticking with the Modbury course.

Will Hornby to email the SW BC Regional Events Officer to say CSSH would like to organise a Road Race event in 2018 raising those questions we have about multiple races and Regional subsidising of the event should would organise a Women’s race

7. Gara Bridge Hill Climb – Tim Jackson

Great news as far as the Hill Climb Timmy has it all under control with volunteers already in place for the event. Timmy Jackson has asked all CSSH members to share the event via their own social media and enter themselves if they are not helping out.

8. Club Clothing – Will Hornby

We still have 4 £30 vouchers for CSSH clothing ordered through the Kalas website when it was opened in May. We agreed to buy 5 more £30 vouchers and ask Kalas to reopen the webshop for members to buy CSSH clothing. Will Hornby has already contacted Kalas to ask them to reopen the webshop and when it is up and running he will email members the login details and offer them clothing vouchers.

9. Triathlon England affiliation

Currently Will Hornby is the CSSH triathlon representative by default which is not ideal as he is not a Triathlon England member and even less knowledgable about Triathlon than he is Cycling. Will H. to email known triathletes in the club to ask if there’s any Triathlon England members who would like to take over and/or for their opinion on whether we should continue to affiliate for 2018.

10. Club rides at regular intervals and how to increase turnout/advertise

After a very good (for CSSH) turnout on Sunday of 8 for the ride which left Kingsbridge at 9 am and then met more riders 9:30 am at California Cross it was agreed that this was a good meeting point for the South Hams easily accessible to Modbury, Kingsbridge, Ivybridge and Dartmouth where we are most likely to draw riders from. There then followed a discussion about how to cater for all riders who wished to take part in a Sunday Club Run. As expected there was no defintive answer but it was encouraging that all of us agreed a Sunday club ride was a good thing and we would like to have as many cyclists as possible taking part. Bobby Cowsill would like to see one club ride cater for all speeds/fitnesses but Steve Lawrence suggested that particularly in the undulating terrain of South Devon this was not something which can be done too successfully where unevitably weaker riders are dropped on the hills and stronger riders either have to ride very slowly or keep stopping and starting.

Suggestions moving forward:-

Sunday rides to start from California Cross at 9:30 am

Multiple ride leaders for Sunday Rides perhaps A, B & C ride. It would be good if there was different riders each week with perhaps a pre planned route. Will Hornby to post a rota on social media and ask for volunteers (we didn’t actually talk about posting a rota but we did suggest having ride leaders so I’m going to do it)

CSSH Club members to support club rides and make use of the Strava Group events feature to encourage other cyclists to join in on rides they may be planning at other times in the week either one off rides or more regular rides

11.Women’s Racing

There was a discussion about this where we all agreed Women’s Races were a good thing and there was a problem of low rider numbers at some events reducing the appeal to both race organisers and potential competiors. We did not have any real answers and no one seemed very keen on attending the SW regional meeting on the 30th of August where hopefully some useful suggestions will be made and implemented for 2018.

12. AOB

Dave Stembridge was dissapointed about the 2018 SW road race championships which as far as I am aware will not be taking place without a club/organiser stepping forward.

Steve Lawrence suggested we hold the CSSH Freewheeling Competion at Pinhays Cross as we have done successfully for several years. Will Hornby looked at the Cyclo Cross and Hill Climb calendar to avoid clashes. Will Hornby to post details of the 2018 CSSH Freewheeling Championships on Sunday the 12th of November.

Bobby Cowswill was keen that more CSSH members and anyone else who was interested should be added to the CSSH Whats App group. Will Hornby has added a few more already. Let Will Hornby know if you want to be included

13. Date/Time/Location of next CSSH Club Meeting should we revert to meetings at a set regular intervals and location to make it easier?

We decided that as regular CSSH members seem less than interested in attending monthly meetings the 3 committe members Richard Wing, Bobby Cowsill, and Will Hornby will sort out any decisions that need to be made amonst themselves. CSSH club members can always get in touch with committee members with any suggestions they have or to ask questions.

We did agree the social meeting part of last nights meeting where we talked and ate food at the Seven Stars was very good so Bobby Cowsill suggested perhaps a similar get together 4 times a year. CSSH Club Committee to decide on the next social event and contact CSSH members.


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