Mystery Mountain Biker Called Martin

Today I was sent an email about a mountain biker who crashed recently. Does anyone know Martin?


Hi there from South Wales.

Are you able to help us identify a mountain biker who lives in Stoke Fleming?

We were walking from SF to Blackpool Sands via Mill Lane last Saturday (14th Oct) when we found Martin & his mate. Martin had gone over the handle bars of his mountain bike & had injured his side, ribs & possibly his back.

We went to the main road to guide the ambulance & then helped the paramedics get the trolley bed up the muddy hill & then helped carry him back to the ambulance. He was in a lot of pain.

His mate had called his wife from Dartmouth who was there, but we didn’t get their names!

We heard Martin say he lived in Venn Lane SF & had been a mountain bike guide in Spain at some time.

We just wanted to find out how he was & that we hope he isn’t too badly injured etc. The ambulance crew said they were taking him to Torbay hospital.

We visit SF a few times each year as a relative has a house in West Park.

Many thanks

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