2017 CSSH AGM – Minutes

Appologies – Steve Dawe, Richard Butler, Margi Hawkins, David Stembridge

Present- Bobby Cowsill, Tom Graham, Jeremy Churcher, Steve Lawrence, Will Hornby

The meeting started at 2005 in the Seven Stars – Kingsbridge

Committee Positions

Chairman – No one else was nominated or put themselves forward and it was assumed Richard Wing wished to carry on for 2018. Richard Wing elected as Chairman.

Treasurer – Bobby Cowsill gave brief details about the state of the clubs finances to those present at the meeting and he will produce a little more details for the committee before the end of the year. Bobby Cowsill is willing to stand again and was elected as Treasurer.

Secretary – Will Hornby gave a breif account of the clubs competative events it had organised this year and shared details about the current membership while drawing comparisons with previous years. As a committee and by consulting members of the club we will decide on how to proceed in 2018. It was noted that 2017 has seen participation drop in our mid week club time trials so there was a short discussion about how to proceed in 2018. Will Hornby is willing to stand again as the clubs British Cycling and CTT secretary as well as being the clubs membership secretary and was elected to the these roles.

Welfare Officer – Tom Graham has only just taken on the role and is in the process of ensuring he has completed the relevant forms as advised by British Cycling.

Triathlon Secretary – Currently this is Will Hornby but it was agreed that an active Triathlete who is willing to take over this role we allow our affiliation to British Triathlon to lapse when it is time to renew for 2018.

The official part of the AGM to elect the Committee for 2018 was completed by approximately 2100.

We did discuss a few other items during and after the AGM

Membership Survey – Create a survey to ask members about their cycling interests when they pay their membership subscriptions. I think it was Bobby Coswill who suggested this initially but we all thought it was a good idea especially if the survey could be combined with the renewal/joining process through the BC website. Will Hornby wasn’t sure this was possible but he has already found out from British Cycling that it is so all we need is for the Club committee to decide which questions to ask.

Club Ethos – this was Bobby Coswill in particular who felt this was a good idea. Will Hornby was pretty sure that similar discussion had been held in previous years. It was agreed that a suitable club ethos that could succinctly describe the aims and objectives of the club it would be a good exercise. Club Committee to discuss and come up with something.

2017 Freewheeling Championships – Will Hornby was keen to remind everyone the event is scheduled for Sunday the 12th of November. Jeremy Churcher and Tom Graham both suggested that some potential participants will be involved with Remembrance Sunday activities. Will Hornby to try and find out from potential participants whether switching the event to the Saturday (11th) would be better.

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