February Club Meeting

The next club meeting will be 7:30 pm on Monday the 5th of February at the Seven Stars in Kingsbridge. All members and other cyclists interested in the club are welcome to attend.


  1. Membership – Will Hornby
  2. Treasurer – Richard Gomm
  3. Road Races in Dartmouth – Will Hornby
  4. Velopark Races – Will Hornby
  5. Club Time Trials – the suggestion from Jeremy Churcher is to register one mid summer time trial and try to increase numbers in at least 1 event. If we are to organise any club time trials the form needs to be submitted to the SW CTT Secretary by the 7th of February.
  6. Identify how to build our core membership – Jeremy Churcher
  7. Extra CSSH Rides and Activities – Tom Graham
  8. AOB

If you have any items you wish to be discussed email Will before the meeting and/or come along.

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