February Club Meeting On the 5th – Minutes

The meeting started at approximately 19:35

Apologies – Tony Rayworth, David Stembridge

Attendees – Will Hornby, Jeremy Churcher, Peter Norris, Richard Gomm, Richard Butler, Margi Hawkins, Tom Graham (although Tom was present in the Seven Stars he missed most of the meeting while taking part in the Kingsbridge Scouts AGM which was held at the same time)

Introduction from Jeremy Churcher

Jeremy briefly talked about how he had taken over as Chair at the EGM in January to elect a new Chair and Treasurer. The number of members has been shrinking while our commitment to organising races has continued while at the same time it seems as though we have less members actually competing in races.


Membership – Will Hornby

We have 18 club members which is approximately half the number of members we had at the end of 2017. There was a brief discussion about how to increase membership and to encouraging new and lapsed club members to join up. Pete Norris suggested we emailed lapsed members members but Will Hornby was not quite so keen having already sent numerous messages to lapsed 2017 members.

There was a brief discussion about whether we should make the Strava Group for club members only and how we should accept new cyclists to the group. It was agreed to keep things as they are allowing other cyclists to join the Strava Group who are not club members but with an interest in CSSH and perhaps the potential to either join in with club rides and/or join the club.

On the social media Jeremy Churcher suggested that there was perhaps too many lines of communication. As it seems that the Facebook Group is not being used very often now it was suggested by Jeremy that perhaps this should be deleted. Will Hornby to do this but actually I might just leave it for a while although it does seem at the moment to superfluous.

There have been a few enquires from potential club members asking about our club activities. I have given them details of clubs Strava Group and for the parents looking for mountain biking activities for youngsters I have told them about the Pilgrim Flyers in Plymouth.

Treasurer – Richard Gomm

Richard Gomm is posting the clubs new banking mandate form which will make him a signature and most importantly will allow him to get a new electronic key fob so he can login to the bank account. Richard has found it a little difficult initially understanding payments from British Cycling into the club account.

Road Races in Dartmouth – Will Hornby

Will Hornby has been working out how many volunteers are required by referring to previous arrangements for races and the risk assessment for the course.

Ideally we need the following delegates from the club to take charge of and at the meeting we made suggestions to who could do what :-
• Car drivers for lead cars and Commissaries – David Stembridge
• Red flag marshals – Margi Hawkins
• signing the course –
• Judging –
• Refreshments – Briony Goldsmith
• Car Parking –

• Signing On –

Will Hornby to confirm delegates to take charge of the different parts of the event and all volunteers by the 25th of February.

Torbay Velopark Races – Will Hornby

On the 16th of June we will need 3 marshals, 2 sign on, 3 judges and 2 gear checkers. That’s 10 with Will Hornby as organiser. This race is already registered on the British Cycling website. Also we are down for 3 Thursday evening senior/junior events which will require less helpers on the 3rd of May, 31st of May and 12th of July. For the evening events we are just waiting on Andy Parker to confirm event details before registering with British Cycling. It was agreed that although it is important we make a good job of organising these Velopark races we will concern ourselves more with these after a successful road race promotion in Dartmouth.

Club Time Trials

As agreed at the AGM we need to try to do something different with our club time trials after 2 years of very little support from club members. The suggestion agreed on at the meeting was to try a couple of weekend events. Will Hornby to check the calender and confirm the dates ASAP so that they can be submitted to the SW CTT Secretary by the 7th of February.

Identify how to build our core membership – Jeremy Churcher

The discussion here really centered around club rides which are the most important part of the club. There was a bit of discussion about when there should be a regular slower and shorter weekend ride and it was felt in particular by Pete Norris and Margi Hawkins that this should be on a Saturday morning. Will Hornby a little less sure about making one day of the week a particularly easy ride as it largely depends on who turns up and what those riders plans are. Anyway there was a bit of discussion about this and hopefully there will be more riders for club rides with details displayed in the clubs Strava Group.

Extra CSSH Rides and Activities – Tom Graham

We had a bit of discussion about what special rides and trips we could do in 2018.

Will Hornby has already suggested a long ride to Tintagel on the 25th of March. There seems to be some interest in this although Tom Graham has suggested we make it a 2 day ride rather than 1.

Taking part in  https://www.chasethesun.org/ seemed like a poular idea.

Watching the Tour de France in July when the race visits Brittany would be ideal for a club trip. More route information here http://www.letour.fr/en/overall-route


Margi Hawkins very keen on more mountain bike rides. Riding around the local bridleways seemed like a popular idea. Will Hornby to start a post in the Strava Group and suggest a route from Chillington to East Prawle to see if there is enough interest.

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