March Club Meeting (05/03/18) – Minutes

The meeting started at approximately 7:45 pm in the Seven Stars – Kingsbridge

Apologies – Pete Norris, Tony Rayworth

Attendees – Jeremy Churcher, Will Hornby, Tom Graham


1. Cancellation of the Dartmouth Spring Road Races on the 11th of March

The decision was taken on Wednesday the 28th of February to cancel the event after trying unsuccessfully to encourage more entries for the Men’s Race and offering Women who had entered the Women’s race a transfer to race with the men. All parties involved with the race have been informed about the cancellation.

2. Velopark Races:- Tuesday Series – 8th of May, 29th of May & 10th of July. Saturday afternoon races 16th of June.

Will Hornby to email all club members to ask who is able and willing to help out. For the evening races we will need 6 volunteers and for the afternoon event approximately 8. Will Hornby to produce a preliminary balance sheet to decide the number of entries required for these velopark races to make them financially viable.

After items 1 and 2 on the agenda we discussed whether CSSH is organising too many road and circuit races considering how many members we have and the number of active racers. The committee will make a decision before next years South West racing calendar is planned about how many events we should organise which is very likely to be less in 2019 than we committed to this year.

3. British Cycling Working Better Together Monday 19 March from 19:30, at the Exeter Court Hotel, Kennford.

Will Hornby interested in going but no one else as yet from the club. Jeremy Churcher and Tom Graham both suggested that more high profile cycle races in the South West would be a good thing if assistance was available from British Cycling Head Quarters. T.G also suggested high profile events such as National Stage races seemed a lot more popular at the weekends if it were possible for the South West to have such an event.

4. South West Women’s Race on the 8th of April at Hatherleigh

Will Hornby has volunteered to help out with this event being organised by the South West Region.


The road on Slapton Line was discussed and it was agreed that there seemed little chance of any club Time Trials this year on the 8.5 mile course on that road.

Social Events

We had several ideas at the meeting for 2018

Rides with Cake

We might need to think of a slightly more catchy title but basically the idea is that we will organise a monthly ride on the *first Saturday of the Month. The ride will be around 30 miles and the club would contribute towards cake for CSSH club members on the ride.

*exact details to be confirmed shortly. Not sure exactly on the best date to start but it was agreed that organising these rides at regular intervals would be good.

Summer Youth Hostel Trip

We were all keen on another residential cycling trip and Tom Graham was especially keen to go in the Summer as apposed to trips planned over recent years in the colder months of the year. We discussed 2 possible destinations at the meeting Beer in East Devon and Tintagel in North Cornwall. The plan is to encourage members to get involved by partially subsidising the trip. Look out for more details and a proposed itinerary after more discussion amonst the committee.

Drive & Ride

This is Jeremy Churcher’s idea which would entail driving together as a club with our bikes and tackling some of the most interesting hills in the South West in one day. I am not too sure exactly how all this would work but again look out for more details from Jeremy about this idea.

CSSH Chalenge Rides

This was Pete Norris’s idea which he explained to me briefly after February’s meeting. The idea is to encourage more cyclists to join our club rides which would have a specific aim of completing certain distances – 40, 50, 60 miles. Not too sure exactly how this would work. Ask Pete Norris for more details.


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