Summer Youth Hostel Trip To Tintagel – Update Not Sure Yet On A Suitable Weekend

Having previously suggested the weekend of 30th of June – 1st of July it has been pointed out this is the same weekend as the Dartmoor Classic which members may have already signed up for.

What about the weekend after 7th – 8th of July or another time of the year??

At the March club meeting we discussed organising a Summer Youth Hostel Trip.

My suggestion is leaving the South Hams on Saturday the 30th of June and then riding back from Tintagel on the Sunday (1st of July).

This is more details of the Youth Hostel in Tintagel

My Route Suggestions

CSSH Tintagel Youth Hostel Day 1

CSSH Tintagel Youth Hostel Day 2

The CSSH Committee have agreed to subsidise the accommodation by £15 for club members. Beds in the Hostel are £25 so it would be just £10 for the night.

If you are interested in the idea contact Will




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