June Club Meeting 04/06/18 – Minutes

The meeting started at approximately 7:35 pm at the Seven Stars in Kingsbridge.


Pete Norris, Jeremy Churcher, Will Hornby


Tom Graham, David Stembridge, Alan Sanders, Tim Jackson, Tony Rayworth, Christian Dwyer.


  1. Minutes of the last meeting on the 5th of March –

These were accepted

 2. CSSH Club Membership –

No new members but a renewal for John Peters and his family membership

 3. Velopark Races:- Tuesday Series – Round 8 moved from the  10th of July to the 7th of August to avoid a clash with another event at Westpoint.

We discussed the Tuesday evening races we had organised already in May, the low entries and their impact on future race promotions. See agenda item 8 below.

4. Gara Bridge Hill Climb Saturday the 6th of October – Tim Jackson not available to organise does anyone else from the club want to take over?

Will Hornby to ask Tim Jackson what he wants to do as no one else has yet stepped forward to take over. Tim Jackson is going to let us know.

5. Club clothing order with Kalas.

At the time we were still waiting for more vouchers to offer to members which have now arrived. Members are being emailed to ask if they would like a voucher and Kalas have been emailed by Will asking to move the closing date out from the 10th of June to the 17th which will allow the vouchers to be used.

6. Rich Butler’s Summer Madness to Rock.

We discussed Richard’s route which seems very tough and we were also not too sure about some of the busy roads chosen in particular through Torbay. We’ll ask Rich for his plans to encourage others to ride.

7. Watching le Tour de France in Brittany.

Neither Jeremy or Pete who were at the meeting could make the trip proposed by Will which would be from the 10th to the 13th of July.

8. Velopark Races on Saturday the 16th of June.

Will Hornby to email to South West Road Race Work Group about late closing dates and costs of the event and it’s success with potentially very low entries to the detriment of the competition. Will Hornby also to speak to Andrew Parker the SW Events Officer. The event has now been cancelled on Friday the 8th of June.


We spent a bit of time discussing the clubs commitment over recent years to organising road and circuit races despite fewer club members participating which it seems is a regional and national trend. It seems inevitable at the moment that will not be voluteering to promote as many road and circuit races in 2019 if any at all. Instead the discussion on Monday was around what type of events would be more popular for cyclists to ride. No definite conclusions yet.

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