July Club Meeting 02/07/18 – Minutes


Tom Graham, Jeremy Churcher, Will Hornby.


Richard Butler, David Stembridge, Tony Rayworth


  1.  Minutes of the June Club Meeting – accepted as a good record of the last meeting
  2. The last round of the SWLaw velopark series on Tuesday the 7th of August – Tom Graham volunteered to help out and Jeremy Churcher is just checking he is available. Rich Gomm had said he could help as well so Will Hornby to check. After the event we discussed going for a curry in Totnes at the café Mumbai which Tom Graham will sort out.
  3. Club Time Trial on the 2nd of September – in theory we still have a club time trial arranged but we (CSSH) need to work out how popular it will be before then.
  4. AOB –

Tom Graham very impressed with lights at Lidl for £1.79!

There was a bit of a discussion about how to increase participation in CSSH club rides (much like most other club meetings) with no definite conclusions. We did however decide to organise another CSSH Social Ride for cake on Saturday the 21st of July. Details of the ride for cake have now been posted onto Strava and shared on twitter and Facebook.

We have decided to combine the August club meeting with the curry on Tuesday the 7th of August after the final SWLaw Velopark event.

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