September Club Meeting – Monday The 3rd Of September – Minutes


Tom Graham, Richard Gomm, Peter Norris, Will Hornby


Jeremy Churcher, David Stembridge

The meeting started at 7:40 pm at the Seven Stars in Kingsbridge


1. Membership – Will Hornby

We have 23 members. Remind all potential members thinking about joining via the CSSH Strava, Facebook, Twitter that anyone who joins in September will be a member until the end of the following year – Will Hornby

2. 2018 CSSH Rider Questionnaire

Before the meeting Will Hornby looked at the responses his thoughts in italics below

Of the 16 Respondents I think the Questionnaire tells us

  1. We predominantly like riding on the road. 100% for road only 50% like to ride off road

  2. Events ridden – Sportives are the biggest interest (what is a sportive?)

  3. Events in 2019 – Even more of us intend to ride a sportive in 2019 with riding a time trial also appearing to be a popular aspiration

  4. We like to ride together with other cyclists so continuing to organise CSSH group rides would seem like a good idea.

  5. Sunday is the favoured day for a group ride followed by Saturday. In the week Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday also seem popular days for a group ride.

  6. *The preferred time for a weekend ride is 9 am. It is not known how frequent those that answered 9 am would be keen/able to attend or to what extent respondents could be flexible as to the start time of a ride.

  7. *Narrowly there was preference for mid week rides to start at 6:30 pm instead of 6 pm. Again it is not known how flexible riders could be to accommodate the majority.

  8. The preferred location for rides to start is Kingsbridge

  9. Respondents have indicated that they would most be willing to help organise a road race and a club time trial

  10. Most of us live near Kingsbridge

  11. We are fairly old

  12. Most of us are male

  13. Half of the respondents were CSSH members

  14. Group rides are the number 1 reason for joining CSSH

  • *As well as choosing an appropriate time we also need to riders joining who are looking for same type of ride.

  • I think the Questionnaire was potentially a useful idea not sure I asked the right sort of questions but I think what it really shows is the advantage of meetings where people can explain in more detail what they think. Perhaps the best way to decide what is popular as far activities is to try them and see how many people sign up and or keep coming back.

At the meeting we agreed that the biggest interest looking at the data was continuing to organise club rides particularly with routes predetermined routes advertised.

It would seem looking at the data that weekend rides starting at 9 am and mid week rides starting at 6:30 pm would be most popular. In the near future Will Hornby to get onto publicizing this via social media and the clubs website. Tom Graham suggested that Will Hornby needs to organise these rides every weekend but Will H. although keen on rides every weekend would like to see more ride leaders step up. The success of any ride will be determined by riders and there is of course nothing to stop others arranging to ride at other times especially if different arrangement suit them better.

3. What races/events if any should CSSH consider organising before the SW Regions imminent 2019 date fixing meetings.

Will Hornby although keen to organise races again in 2019 although not as many as in 2018 conceded that following the consensus at this club meeting and others recently this would not be popular with CSSH members. No one else has come forward to suggest organising any races in 2019. CSSH will it seems not be volunteering to organise any cycle races in 2019 despite a number of respondents to the survey saying they would like to help organise a road race and a time trial but crucially they did not turn up at this club meeting.

4. CSSH Freewheeling race in Autumn 11th of November?

At this point in the meeting the WI-Fi in the pub stopped working on the device we were using to read the agenda so we did not actually discuss this. Will Hornby still thinks this is a good idea and as the Freewheel race is an informal activity he will contact others in the club and hopefully agree on a date to do this soon.

5. Gara Bridge Hill Climb is still live on the CTT website – Will Hornby to organise if there’s enough helpers

At previous meetings after Tim Jackson had said he would no longer be able to organise the hill climb we discussed whether we should continue with the event. There appeared to be no interest in continuing with the event despite Will Hornby emailing all members asking if anyone would consider taking over from Tim as the organiser. A few days before the meeting Will Hornby having previously decided he did not wish to try to organise another event this year did not want the event to be cancelled so contacted Tim Jackson to say he would take it on. Will did contact Paul Walshe and Margi Hawkins to ask if they would able to time keep at the event this year but both were unavailable. Despite Tim Jackson changing the details of the event over to Will Hornby he has decided at this late stage and without sufficient backing from the club it would be better not to attempt to run the event. Will Hornby to contact the CTT and cancel the Gara Bridge Hill Climb and ask for it to be removed from their website.


Will Hornby has recently changed the contact email address on the CSSH club website, the clubs profile on British Cycling and the Cycling Time Trials website. Previously the email address used was Will’s from his own personnel account but now it is

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