October Club Meeting 01/10/18 – Minutes


Jeremy Churcher, Peter Norris, Will Hornby


Tom Graham

The meeting started at 7:40 pm at the Seven Stars in Kingsbridge


  1. Minutes from September’s Meeting –  were accepted
  2. Freewheeling Competion on Sunday the 11th of November at Pinhey’s Cross– Will Hornby to post his idea to see if there is any interest.
  3. What events if any do CSSH members wish to organise in 2019? – With only 3 of us at the meeting it was somewhat tricky to tell but as we have concluded at other club meetings this year on the subject certainly less than we attempted to organise in 2018. Will Hornby has already agreed to organising a round of the National Junior Road Race Series on behalf of the region so even if there was the appetite for a road race promotion from club members another organiser would be needed. There will shortly be a South West Regional date fixing meeting for road and circuit races and there was some consideration as to whether CSSH should consider organising an event at the Torbay Velopark. While it seems that in 2018 there has been little interest from CSSH members in riding closed circuit races Jeremy Churcher felt it was important there were still opportunities to race particularly for youth riders. The time for agreeing to organise an Open Time trial had already passed at the time of this meeting. We then had a short discussion similar to many of those that we have had before and that have been taking place throughout the South West cycling community about the races that are currently organised. We wondered whether the seemingly increasing numbers of cyclists are as keen on racing or prefer to test themselves in other types of competitive events like Strava, Sportives and Zwift.
  4. CSSH Affiliations to British Cycling and Cycling Time Trials for 2019 – after a short discussion all 3 of us agreed that CSSH should affiliate to Cycling Time Trials and British Cycling for 2019. Will Hornby to arrange this with the treasurer Richard Gomm.
  5. Gara Bridge Hill Climb on the 6th of October officially cancelled – Will Hornby informed Cycling Time Trials we would not be organising the event. The South West District of CTT were not too pleased at the late cancellation. In future we will ensure that such decisions are made much sooner although it is hoped there will not be any more events we agree to organise which do not take place.


We discussed how to coordinate and advertise club rides

It seems as though there are a lot of club members and other local cyclists that are keen on  group rides but the methods being used to advertise them make it somewhat tricky for other interested cyclists to find out more information. Currently Whatsapp seems like a popular system for communicating ride plans but it is not universally used by all cyclists and is perhaps tricky for those outside the club and/or not able to access these messages. Another system which has been used to communicate ride plans is Strava but Jeremy Churcher in particular felt there were also limitations with the way Strava Club’s work. Pete Norris was keen on some sort of Forum where ride details could be discussed and could be more easily visible to all cyclists who were keen on finding a group ride. This is work in progress but Will Hornby has created a google forum and added it to the club website check out the CSSH Forum Here. Tom Graham is also asking the IT experts who work at his school so we may have another alternative to try soon.

The Reopening of Slapton Line

We agreed to organise a ride on Saturday the 13th of October which should be the day after the road along Slapton Line is reopened. The plan is to ride to Café Alf Resco in Dartmouth with the club paying towards something to eat for CSSH club members. More details to follow shortly.


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