CSSH 2018 Annual General Meeting 03/12/18 – Minutes


Peter Norris 


Jeremy Churcher, Tom Graham, Richard Gomm, David Stembridge, Tony Rayworth, Will Hornby

The meeting started at 8 pm in the Seven Stars – Kingsbridge


  • Chairman – Jeremy Churcher

Jeremy gave a verbal report where he summerised the challenges that faced the club in 2018. Jeremy is keen that the club and it’s members continue to strive to keep the club interesting and exciting for exisiting and potential new members in 2019 and beyond.

  • Secretary – William Hornby

I sent a report to the other committee members including some pie charts which were perhaps less useful but easy to generate from the British Cycling Club Membership Dashboard which I will post below.


We have had 8 meetings this year on the first Monday of the month. Often the first Monday of the month has clashed with a bank holiday which is often why there isn’t a meeting. Should we consider switching to a different Monday in 2019? Probably not maybe just move the May meeting to the 13th which seems to be the only bank holiday clash in 2019.


We have 23 members which is down again from previous years. We had 34 members on 23/06/17

Membership fees currently:-

Seniors £10 

Junior/Youth £5

Family £20

Race Events

Road & Circuit Races

We organised 4 race events at Torbay Velopark and 2 road races which were to be held concurrently as part of the Dartmouth Spring Road Races.

Dartmouth Spring Road Races Cancelled due to lack of entries following a national and regional trend.

Evening velopark races ran but at a financial loss because of fewer entries in 2018.

The Saturday afternoon of races at the velopark cancelled before the closing date because of the predicted low number of entries. The club decided that it was not worth continuing to lose money with an event which was likely to be not as rewarding as hoped.

Open Time Trials

Gara Bridge Hill Climb Cancelled after being registered by Tim Jackson. There was not enough interest from CSSH in continuing with the event so regrettably the event was cancelled at a late stage.

No open races planned for CSSH in 2019

Club Time Trials

Two Time Trials on weekend mornings registered with Cycling Time Trials on a shortened course after the storm damage at Slapton Line but neither took place as there was not enough interest. Not sure whether there will be enough interest to register any more CSSH club Time Trials in 2019.

Club Rides

Low turnout despite attempts to encourage more riders to join.


Midweek Tuesday and Thursday evening rides from Kingsbridge Quay at 6 pm have remained fairly consitent.

There are members and non members of CSSH who regularly organise group rides but it’s just they are not advertised through CSSH website/social media which suggest there is still an interest. 

There are regularly enquires from cyclists looking for groups to ride with but it is difficult to sign post them to suitable rides without enough information available.

  • Treasurer – Richard Gomm

The club is in healthy position financially. Richard gave those present at the meeting details of the current amount in the clubs bank account.

  • Welfare – Tom Graham

No correspondence regarding welfare to report on.

Election of Officers for 2019

All of the officers from 2018 were happy to stand again for the roles and there was no one else from the club who put their names forward for a role on the committee.

  • Chairman

Jeremy Churcher was proposed by Tony Rayworth and seconded by David Stembridge

  • Secretary

Will Hornby was proposed by David Stembridge and seconded by Tom Graham

  • Treasurer

Richard Gomm was proposed by Will Hornby and seconded by Tom Graham

  • Welfare

Tom Graham was proposed by Will Hornby and seconded by David Stembridge

Any Other Business

After the AGM we discussed a few other club items

  • Monthly Saturday ride to a café where the club will pay for members drinks and cake. It was agreed that we should use some of the clubs funds to encourage more cyclists out on club rides. We agreed that this should take place on the first Saturday of the month starting with the 8th of December having missed the first Saturday of this month. Rides to be advertised in the CSSH Strava Group. Different volunteers from the club to plan a route each month with Jeremy Churcher having already planned the ride for Saturday the 8th of December.


  • Insert Page with Club Officers details in particular Tom Graham the clubs Welfare Officer. The page is actually already on the CSSH website but Will Hornby to improve it’s visability on the home page.


  • After discussing the reduction in club members and our aspirations to increase membership and club participation we agreed that targeting previous members would be a good place to start.  The club will contact previous members by email many of whom are still active cyclists and encourage them to get involved with CSSH club activities. Will Hornby to draft a letter which will be circulated to the others present at the AGM before sending it out.
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