January Club Meeting on Tuesday the 8th – Minutes


Jeremy Churcher, Peter Norris, Will Hornby, Tom Graham, Graham Price, Richard Gomm



The meeting started at 7:35 pm at the Church House Inn in Churchstow


  1. Minutes from November’s Meeting were accepted as a good record of the previous club meeting. It was questioned by Tom Graham as to why we did not also consider the AGM in December where we also had a brief club meeting. Everyone also seemed happy with the AGM so no problems.
  2. New members and membership renewals. We have had 2 new members since the begining of the year Alex Hollingsworth and Graham Price which everyone was pleased about. 2019 membership renewals have been slow in coming in with less than half of last years members renewing so far. Will Hornby to send reminders to members from 2018 to rejoin the club in the spring when the weather warms up although if anyone does want to join or rejoin before then that would be great.
  3. Club Time Trials deadline for submission of details to the SW DC is 06/02/19 should we change our mind and decide to organise club TT’s this year. Will Hornby had been in communication with someone from Plymouth Corinthians CC who had suggested that CSSH organised club TT’s on the Ermington course in between the dates when the Corinthians and the Plymouth Tri Club are organising their club TT’s. Will thought this seemed like a good plan however no one else at this meeting seemed to think it would be. Jeremy Churcher proposed we hold club TT’s on the Torcross course again on Monday evenings – 3rd of June, 1st of July, 5th of August. Will Hornby to fill in the Type B TT registration form and ask the rest of the committee to check before sending to the the SW DC committee. Everyone was very optimistic that holding club TT’s on the Torcross course would be more popular this year and Tom Graham was particularly enthusiastic and he will contact various other local sports clubs to invite their members to have a go.
  4. Monthly Ride with cake. It was agreed that we should keep this going after a healthy turnout of 6 riders for January’s ride after a very wet December ride where we decided against stopping at a cafe. Jeremy Churcher volunteered to plan another exciting route for February’s Ride.
  5. CSSH members entering races together. This was put on the agenda by Will Hornby who was thinking particularly about entering Open Time Trials. There did not seem to be a lot of interest in Time Trialing at the meeting but Will Hornby will continue to try and encourage others to have a go at different cycle races as will hopefully other members of CSSH.
  6. AOB

Tom Graham is keen to organise a weekend away cycling on the 13th – 14th of April. As yet the exact nature of the trip is not decided but he has posted into the clubs Strava Group where he will share more information soon.

Will Hornby

Asked about Club Clothing  and whether we need to do anything else to make kit available for club members. The decision was not to make arrangements for club members to be able to order any more kit themselves through our clothing manufacturers online ordering system now. If however there was enough demand from club members we could ask for clothing orders to be set up again. It was noted that the club still has a stock of club clothing which anyone interested in CSSH club kit should look at before adding their name to any list of members who would like to place a CSSH clothing order directly from the manufacturer.

Communication which is the best method of communicating via the internet and whether it is worth persistiting with the CSSH Forum which is on Google. The concensus of opinion was that there was no need to close down any of our clubs social media streams (Twitter, Facebook Page, Facebook Group) but it seemed that at present the CSSH Strava Group is the favourite method for communicating.

Weekend Club Ride Times is 9 am still the preferred time? It seems as though there are a number of riders who prefer to ride either later or earlier than 9 am. It was agreed that at present 9 am seemed to be a happy medium. It was suggested by Richard Gomm that for longer rides perhaps we should leave earlier and/or Jeremy Churcher suggested planning routes with an earlier finishing option. Ultimatatley ride times to be decided by those that are keen to go.

Meeting closed at approximately 9 pm

Next meeting will be on Monday the 4th of February at 7:30 pm in the Cove Inn at Hope Cove

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