Cycle Sport South Hams ? Annual General Meeting 26/11/12


Apologies for absence from the meeting were received from Martin Triggol (cycling from Gibraltar – England in 8 days) and Edmund Jack


Present at the meeting – Will Hornby, Tom Graham, David Stembridge, Gareth Howells, Hester Stembridge, Nigel Dalton, Peter Knight, Chris Mahn, Peter Norris, Briony Goldsmith, Jeremy Churcher, David Hamilton, Andrew Thompson, Nick Triggol, Alison Triggol, Sally Norsworthy, Philip Norsworthy, John Peters, Don Rigby, Richard Good, Robert Ely, Bill Butler.


The Meeting started at 2005

Officers Reports


Chairman Tom Graham gave an account of the year to date for the club. Tom reflected on what had been a positive year for the club with successful event promotions and numerous racing performances by club members one of the highlights being Seb Dickens 3rd place at the Circuit Race National Championships for Youth B's (under 14's).


Secretary Will Hornby


Report also posted onto the club website




David Stembridge produced the clubs accounts from the point in the Summer at which he took over from Andrew Thompson and the clubs money was transferred from the RBS account to the new HSBC account.


After D.S explained the clubs accounts a discussion about the clubs finances followed.

Jeremy Churcher expressed an interest in a budget to encourage/assist youngsters in the club who were keen to race.

David Hamilton suggested the club should be looking to expand the number of club bikes which could be loaned to Youths/Juniors.

Gareth Howells proposed that the club should assist financially with the Go-Ride School Club he is planning at Kingsbridge Primary School.

Andrew Thompson said that his company would sell cycling kit to the club at trade prices for the purposes of encouraging Youths & Juniors.

Chris Mahn suggested we sold CS South Hams club kit to non members with a profit margin unlike the kit we supply to members which is the same or cheaper than the cost the club is charged by the suppliers.

Briony Goldsmith suggested the club should purchase publicity material like car stickers to advertise the club suggesting that as a new member the clubs profile was not as high as it could be and she herself found it difficult to find a cycling club in the area.


The Election of Officers for 2013




After a brief introduction by themselves David Stembridge was elected ahead of Tom Graham as the new Chairman.




Will Hornby was unopposed for the position.




Jeremy Churcher was unopposed for the position.


The Open Committee Positions


In a change to the proposal before the meeting it was decided that all 3 of the members who had been nominated and were keen to be on the committee should have a place and a Youth/Junior representative on the committee should be appointed in the near future.


Briony Goldsmith – Triathlon

David Hamilton – The Hammer

Gareth Howells – Kingsbridge Primary School / Go Ride Club

Youth / Junior committee member to be appointed shortly David Stembridge to oversee a suitable method of election from an under 18 year old member of the club.


Adopting a Club Constitution


It was agreed that Will Hornby will scan the constitution which has been created using the BC template and add it to the club website.


Youngsters on Club Rides


A discussion about youngsters on club rides preceded the action which was decided upon by the club after Gareth Howells outlined the recommendations he had received recently from a local British Cycling employee. The safeguards recommended although they did seem in the best interests but were thought by many to cause problems. Robert Ely suggested that on many occasions rides could be under attended particularly by older club members willing to take responsibility. Jeremy Churcher said that it would be best to plan for success and well attended club rides where sufficient numbers of willing older club members will allow for Gareth's proposals. David Hamilton volunteered to speak to the tourist information Centre regarding the proposed signing on for all riders on the club rides. Gareth Howells will type up a list of procedures concerning under 16's on club rides particularly the Saturday 0930 ride which currently is the only weekly ride advertised by the club specifically for Under 16's. After agreement by the committee of Gareth's proposals the information will be displayed on the rides section of the club website.


Go-Ride Club for Kingsbridge Primary School


Gareth Howells is setting up a Go-Ride Club which will be linked to CS South Hams after consultation with British Cycling regional development manager Will Newton. He told us briefly about the plans which include a mountain bike course in the school grounds. It is for this project which Gareth eluded to earlier he would like to ask the club for financial assistance. Currently these plans are at an early stage and Gareth Howells will keep the committee and the club informed with its progress.


Club Clothing


At the meeting Will Hornby took payments from members with details of their requirements for the new club kit.




Will Hornby reminded everyone about the Newport Velodrome training session which has been booked for the club on the 23rd of December between 0900 – 1200


The meeting closed at 2145ish





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