Membership/Secretaries Report Report fo AGM 26/11/12

Today                                                                                       03/08/11


68 Members                                                                       44 Members


2012 has been a good year for the club which has seen us reach the highest levels of membership in our 5 years of existence. I believe the increase in membership for our club is something which is not unusual with anecdotal evidence of other clubs also seeing an increase in membership. This can be attributed to a phenomenal year with the Olympic Games and Britain's first GC winner at Le Tour de France. As ever most club members are initially persuaded to join the club by another existing member so well done to all members. Increased membership levels is good news and can improve the club with the onus being on all members to make the club inclusive for all cyclists.


BC On-line club membership Tool


I think this is a really good idea although it does highlight the need to have full members details which is actually helpful for the club to. I propose to no longer accept membership from anyone who does not register on-line or give me enough information to do so. Looking on the BC website so far not many clubs have taken this on CSSH is ahead!


Gender Split


16 Females 24% 50 Males 76%


Although I would say the participation levels in CSSH events is actually lower. It would be good to increase female participation but…


Why join CSSH?


Group rides although we welcome non members to join us as well more promotion needed.


Affiliation to BC, Tri UK and CTT (affiliation to be completed)


Benefits for those who are interested in racing for example help with jersey costs and as RR get even more popular in the SW those in clubs stand a better chance of having their entry accepted.


For 2013 I would like to see increased levels of CSSH participation at SW competitive events. I definitely think we can do better but then I would have to admit that I would probably never be satisfied.


Club Rides – Well at least for me this is a really important reason for joining a club and I would suggest we need to do more. As well as club rides there are other non competive rides the highlight for me perhaps being the Chain Gangs from Elburton/Bantham Cross


BC Powered Website with automatically added content


Another good idea perhaps we could add more to this if anyone is interested in becoming an administrator? I think we should also keep our current word press website.


Blackawton RR


Another successful promotion which was popular with riders thanks to all who helped put on the event. Next year the event will be – Circuit South Hams and switch to Modbury. The event is already registered with BC and will be taking on-line entries or entries on the line with no postal entries this year.


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