Club Rides

Details of club rides can be found in the CSSH Strava Group

Why ride in a group?

Social a chance to meet other cyclists and learn more from experienced riders

Fun group rides should be fun with perhaps the chance of stopping at a cafe on longer weekend rides

Safety for those riders with aspirations to compete it is essential to learn group riding skills before entering a race

Fitness many riders find that they can ride further and faster while in a group which improves their fitness more than solo riding

Exploring A good way to explore the local roads without getting lost if you are new to the area

Road Skills riding in a group you can pick good skills which will make you safer and more efficient in your cycling teqnique

Please remember that the more people that turn up on the day, the more likely it is that there will be a group that fits your needs.

Before joining a CSSH ride please take a look at this What To Bring On A Ride


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