Club Committee

2017 CS South Hams Committee Positions

Chairman – Richard Wing

Club Secretary & Membership Secretary – Will Hornby 

  1. Arrange for CSSH to be affiliated to British Cycling
  2. To act as a point of contact for the club. Replying to correspondence and where appropriate sharing information with the CSSH committee or CSSH members which has been sent to the club.
  3. Keeping an electronic record of club members details and collecting annual subscription fees as agreed by the club.
  4. Recording the minutes of club meetings
  5. Keeping club members informed about the details of club meetings
  6. Keeping the club website up to date

Treasurer – Bobby Coswill

Time Trial Secretary – Will  Hornby 

  1. Ensure the Club Time Trials are organised in accordance with the rules and regulations of the relevant National Governing Body/Bodies
  2. Plan and submit Club Time Trial events to *CTT and *local Police/authorities
  3. Petition club members for potential timekeepers and marshals to cover events
  4. Keep records of club Time Trail events and update competitions such as the season points tally
  5. Update any social, local media and/or website with dates and times of events and race results

*Plymouth, South Hams & West Devon

Welfare Officer – Tom Graham


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