What To Bring On A Ride


1. Obviously a bike in good working order which is appropriate for the ride you are joining

2. Something to eat. Amount required depends on how far/hard you ride but its always worth bringing something. Remember you don't have to eat it all.

3. Drink

4. Pump and tyre levers

5. Spare inner tubes

6. A bike without Tri Bars. From the British Cycling website "Tri-bars or extensions are not legal in any mass start cycling event and will usually be frowned upon on group or club rides."

Autumn/Winter Essenials

7. Mudguards which are long enough to stop others getting covered in mud. Many mudguards are not long enough to stop spray from the rear wheel but this is easily fixed by adding a flap made from a suitable plastic bottle. If you don't have mudguards and it is muddy then expect to be asked to sit on the back of the group.


Could be Useful

1. Money perhaps a few pounds for extra food or drink at a cafe or garage.

2. Mobile phone

3. Rain cape

4. Puncture repair kit

5. Multi tool with allen keys and other useful tools for roadside repairs


Helmets – (advice taken from British Cycling Website)

British Cycling asserts that the wearing of a correctly fitted hard shell helmet conforming to a recognised safety standard is recommended for all of its non-competitive events. British Cycling also strongly recommends the use of such a helmet whilst cycling at all other times, whilst recognising the right of each individual to choose whether or not to accept this recommendation.


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